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I have always been fascinated by oxymoron’s (self-contradicting phrases). This word comes from the Greek “oksus” meaning “sharp, keen, pointed” “moros” meaning, “dull, stupid, foolish” ie: “sharp-dull,” or “keenly stupid.” Some of my favorites are: “Jumbo shrimp,” freezer burn,” farm raised salmon,” “white chocolate,” “plastic silverware,” and “sanitary landfills.”

The oxymoron I want to address today is “boring worship.” At one church service the pastor announced that there would be a meeting of the board after the service. A visitor showed up at the meeting. When asked why he was there, he replied, “If there’s anyone more bored than me I’d like to meet him.” In various surveys people were asked why they don’t go to church, they often reply, “Church is just too boring.” I realize that sometimes church services can be less than exciting. Television has trained our minds to listen in sound-bites. The picture changes every few seconds to keep our attention. It takes discipline to listen for more than a few minutes at a time. You have to want to listen!

I submit to you that true worship is anything but boring! The very essence of worship does not allow us to be bored! And a relationship with God cannot exist without worship. The Glory of God is revealed in our worship. Worship is our heart touching the heart of God! As we experience the presence of God it leads us to worship. No one can stand in the presence of God without being in awe, which leads us to worship. Psalm 22:3 says, “You are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel” (Psalm 22:3 NLT). “The King of kings and Lord of Lords is literally ‘enthroned’ in our praises. Wherever God’s people come together to worship, we become a habitation for His presence. Our worship literally ushers in the presence of God. God comes to dwell where His people worship, and when that happens, all the weight of His glory, His rulership, and His dominion are present. In this atmosphere—where worship ushers in the presence of God.” –adapted and edited from Jack Hayford

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