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Doctors have told me for over 50 years, “John, if you don’t lose 100 pounds you’re going to die very young,” What do they know, I’m 84 and still kicking, although not quite so high! I stepped on to one of those talking scales once and a it shouted, “get off, you’re killing me!” Or when I stepped on one of those scales that tells your fortune, a card came out that read, “One at time please.” It’s okay to laugh, after all people have been making jokes at my expanse for years!

My doctor tells me, “You’re in great condition for the shape you’re in.” An Orthopedic Surgeon told me years ago, “Reverend, if you don’t take off some weight, a razorback hog is gonna be able to run between your legs and not touch either side.” (He was from Arkansas, hence the razorback hog reference).

I have been told that I am “morbidly obese”. What horrible words, they should be banned from our language! I dislike (hate) the term “morbidly obese!” “Morbid” means “gruesome,” the synonyms are, “unwholesome, diseased, unhealthy, sickly, tainted, corrupted, vitiated (whatever that is, actually it means, to ruin or spoil something).” I beg to differ! I am not now, nor have I ever been “vitiated!” And I’m certainly not gruesome, unwholesome, tainted or corrupted! And “obese” means, “very fat or overweight; corpulent, having too much body fat.” It is different from being overweight, which means “weighing too much.” I don’t have too much body fat, however, I do have a lot of relaxed muscle. So by medical definition I am, “vitiated, corpulence.” That sounds so much better than “morbidly obese!”

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