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On Eagles' Wings

Exodus 19:4 – “I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself.” Sometimes God refers to His rescues as being carried on eagles’ wings, such as the deliverance of Israel from Egypt. It gives the idea of supernatural intervention, something impossible without the Lord. It is like He swoops down from the heights of Heaven and carries us far above the danger. In 2004, while standing at the

ource of the Nile River at Lake Victoria, I noticed a small eagle descending from the heights at a rapid speed. Just before he reached the rapids the eagle spread his wings, caught the wind in a circular ascent, then rose until he disappeared. Without moving his wings he soared upward until he was out of sight. The eagle came down with haste and went up with ease until he reached the place from where he came. Our vantage point is from below; God’s is from Heaven. He’s aware of our trials, yet He is careful not to remove us from a crisis He has allowed (or designed). God never delivers us from what we need and what will ultimately make us better. His deliverance is always commensurate with our growth and understanding. When God swoops down like an eagle it means we are ready to go with Him to new heights.

–Dr. Harold Anderson, Higher Ground Calvary Chapel, Riverside, CA

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