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In the 1976 movie “Network,” Television anchor Howard Beale (played by Peter Finch) leaned out of the window, shouting, “I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!” He expressed my sentiments exactly. I AM FED UP!

I AM FED UP with the current Russia-Trump investigation. I would love to speak to Congress, telling them “Get a life!” They are more concerned about the next election than they are about America. It has been more than a year now! One of my professors in college used to say, “If you haven’t struck oil, after a while, stop boring!”

I AM FED UP with people who are more concerned about their petty problem than they are about our great nation. I know we are to “vote our conscience” but people allow so many personal feelings to effect their voting! And I AM FED UP with a voting system that doesn’t demand proper identification before one can vote! Also our Electoral College has served us well, keeping some equality for smaller states. No one wants New York and California to decide our federal elections. I AM FED UP with those celebrities who were way out of line (IMHO) when they tried to thwart the electoral process by pressuring the Electors to change the vote.

I AM FED UP with the News Media interpreting the news rather than simply reporting it! And why do I want to hear their political bias, that much of the time is a stranger to the truth? And I AM FED UP that after every Presidential speech, commentators have to interpret what the President said. Hey, I may not be an intellectual giant, but I can actually comprehend English.

I AM FED UP with Political Correctness! We live in fear that we’re going to offend someone if we use the wrong language when speaking of: religions, gender, race, sexuality…Sexual harassment has become so prevalent that, if I tell a lady in my office she looks pretty, or she has a nice dress, or her hair is well coifed, I very well may be facing a lawsuit!

I AM FED UP with the downplaying of masculinity. I have always believed in the equality of the sexes, but it seems that equality is not enough, now it is superiority. When did it become a sin to be masculine? I believe that men are men and women are women, and I like it that way! I also believe that if a woman is doing the same work as a man there should be equal pay. Personally, I do not think the “glass ceiling” is rapidly disappearing.

I AM FED UP with the immigration problem. Why are some politicians hell-bent to allow every person, no matter his background, political persuasion, or criminal record to come to America. Where is the extreme vetting? And why do our courts not do a better job of deportation for those who commit crimes here? And why are we a “Sanctuary State.” In my home state, California, why was I not allowed to vote for or against a “Sanctuary State?” My vote may not have counted for much, but at least I could express my opposition. Perhaps that’s why it didn’t come to a vote!

I AM FED UP with the gun debate! I really believe that Americans should have the right to bear arms. I know it sounds a bit trite, but it really is people who kill people. And I don’t think it is just a mental health issue, it is that man without God is capable of all kinds of heinous activity. Let me say that (I’ll probably get in trouble over this) no one needs an automatic rifle that can fire up to 60 rounds per minute! I would hate to see the deer that was killed by an AR-15, 60 holes wouldn't’ leave much venison.

I AM FED UP with the persecution of Evangelical Christians. “In a world of political correctness devoid of the rule of law, tolerance has come to mean total rejection of Christianity and moral standards.” (Delores Liesner, Christian Post) It is interesting that Evangelical Christianity is the only (with the possible exception of Judaism) religious group that is always “open season” for criticism and condemnation. And by the way Christians are still being put to death for their beliefs around the world. But statistically, the most persecuted group in America are Evangelical Christians. Prayer to God was removed from public schools (however, children are now allowed to pray to Allah in some schools). Military chaplains are not allowed to pray in the name of Jesus. In college classrooms you may quote from most sources on earth except a Christ source. “Colleges making special accommodations for foot baths and Muslim only prayer rooms, but denying Christian groups campus recognition because it requires its officers and voting members to agree with its Christian beliefs.” (Christian Post)

There are about 94 million evangelical Christian adults in this country. If evangelical Christians acted as a single voting block we could change the moral landscape of America overnight! Then why don’t we do something?

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