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The Good Old Days!

Do you remember when:

•You cleaned your rugs by hanging them on a clothesline and hitting them with a stick?

•You could walk to the grocery store and rattle off your list to a clerk, and he would fill your order for you?

•The movies were cheaper on Saturday, and you didn’t have to worry about what your kids were seeing?

•You got all the news from the radio?

•Your doors were never locked?

•You didn’t know you were poor because everyone else was just like you?

•Hobo’s would stop by your house for food, then ask what chores they could do for you?

•Mom would can all the vegetables she could before winter?

•You had no air conditioning, but you didn’t know it was hot?

•You knew all of your neighbors?

•At school you were expected to pay attention, and do what you were told the first time?

•Most men worked six days a week?

•Doctor’s made house calls carrying everything they needed in a little black bag?

•Gay meant happy?

•A mouse was a rodent, not something on your desk?

•Downloading was how you got the hay in the barn?

•A website was where spiders lived?

•Riots were unthinkable and unheard of?

•Our flag was a sacred symbol?

•Criminals actually went to jail?

•You were not afraid to go out at night?

•Preachers actually talked about Christ?

•Everyone in America knew what the fourth of July was about?

•Everyone knew the difference between right and wrong?

•Our government officials actually stood up for America?

•Politicians proclaimed their patriotism and meant it?

•You knew that the law would be enforced and your safety would be protected?

•Things weren’t perfect but you never expected them to be?

•People did not feel entitled to government support?

•Disasters came and we didn’t blame the government?

•You had a job and considered yourself blessed?

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