Dr. John Wayne Sparks

 6/1/34 - 5/23/19

Celebration of Life Service

Your Web Pastor

For more than five decades Dr. John Sparks and Marlena have served in large and small churches across America. Their ministry in prayer started 15 years ago when Dr. Sparks served as the National Director of Prayer for Promise Keepers Men's Ministry. The ministry to pastors and their spouses has been an integral part of their lives over the decades and now a centerpiece of their daily ministry.

The ministry continues as we will add new audio sermons audio and written messages for Dr. John's library. Please consider a one-time or monthly gift to support Marlena and John's teaching ministry.

October 5, 2016

Untruth is carried on willing wings, but he who speaks the truth needs a bodyguard.

The Bible, God’s word is the only source of truth for all of mankind. When all else fails read the directions! I once saw a tee shirt that read, “I’ve given up my search for truth.” And...

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